3A 6V switching voltage regulator

All model airplane/heli needs reliable power to receiver

Bee's BEC 5A 5V/6V switching mode voltage regulator is a selectable output of 5V or 6V, it is a light weight, high efficiency and very reliable voltage regulator. With this product, you can use your lipo battery as power supply for your receiver and servos safely. Even sometimes your servo load changes rapidly in short time, this 5A 5V/6V switching voltage regulator supplies steady and constant 5A 5V or 5A 6V to the receivers to keep it works well.

Unlike other switching regulator, Bee's 5 is working at higher frequency.  It is more efficient and less radio noise. Very reliable.





Weight: 17g

Dimension: 34x19x16mm

Input voltage: 7-17V

Output voltage:                                       when set 5V, output is 4.9V ~ 5.2V,   when set 6V, output is 5.8V ~ 6.1V

Output current: continuous 5A, 6.0A for 60 seconds, 8.0A for 15 seconds with good airflow.

Conversion efficiency: 90-93%

Recommend to use 3-cell lipo.



Liner type voltage regulator only shows theoretical performance.

If one voltage regulator is using 5A5W chip, it says 5A. However, this chip has only 5W power. In this case to drop from 12V(Lipo3cell) to 5V is 7V, and 5W on 7V is 0.714A. This chip can only provide 0.714A only.

Other switching regulator use 200kHz. Bee's BEC 5A use 330kHz.


Connector can be changed according to customer's demand


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