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-- Multi Electric Harness   Bee's Multi Electric Harness(MEH), switching regulator are developed to protect receiver and servo systems. Over 90% of model airplane crash or got lost during flying is because power source of receiver, when servos load high, current goes high, voltage goes down, there's not enough power to receiver,  then the model lose control. It happens especially when servo load change rapidly during flying. It is important to provide receiver good power constantly.

Use MEH and switching regulator, the power to receiver and servos will be protected .  All models, especially the big model, need safe power system to make sure the model flies well without losing control.

All the electronics we make have the following characters:                                   small and light,                                                                                                                        switching mode, higher efficiency                                                                                        compare with other switching mode unit, we use higher frequency component, less noise, more reliable.


-- 3A 5V switching regulator  
-- 3A 6V switching regulator  
-- 5A 5V/6V switching regulator  
-- Brushless ESC  
-- Safe Power System proposal  



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